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We know the proper set etiquette, moving stealthily around the set capturing exciting and captivating images.
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We understand the responsibility we carry, representing and presenting your companies images and do so with great care.
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We can make your product sing! We take your vision and enrich it with top quality images and editing.
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We have traveled the globe capturing stunning underwater images for over 30 years. Rescue & Rebreather Certified. 4K underwater camera rig and scuba support equipment.
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Breathe life back into your Documentary, Crime show, or Historic piece by letting us bring exciting recreations with life like special effects and artistic imagery.
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YEARS of experience

Every day, every shoot… I absolutely love what I do!

For over 30 years with Turner Broadcasting: from his early days as a Video Journalist for CNN to Director of Photography with Turner Studio’s elite Film and Video Unit, Mike was awarded the opportunity to travel the world creating stunning imagery.

He was hired directly out of college and worked his way up and around the Turner organization, broadening his experience as he went, including: field sound recording, long format post-production editing, videography, and field producing. Eventually he found his comfort zone and his greatest challenges within the Turner Studio’s Film and Video Unit shooting high-end entertainment productions.

Michael brings the same intensity and passion to exotic locations and to the seemingly mundane. He’s shot “everyman”, businessmen, icons and news makers. He’s shot in war zones and end zones, from some of the highest peaks to stunning underwater depths.

Since leaving Turner in 2012, Mike has brought his eye for capturing truthful images and his warmhearted exuberance to all his projects and clients. As a Rescue and ReBreather Certified SCUBA diver for over 30 years, Mike looks for every opportunity to shoot above and below the ocean surface.

Mike lives in Atlanta with his wife, 2 daughters, 2 golden retrievers and a vast array of photographic and dive equipment.

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Client Testimonials

I have to say you are one of the best DPs I ever worked with
Patricia Bellini - Media Prod. Mgr. - Delta Airlines
I loved watching you all work the other day - you are an absolute pro
Eleanor Estes - CEO - Redmont Distilling Co.
The photography was excellent!
Craig Heyl - VP Turner Studios (now - COO Pinewood Studios)
The whole project could not have gone smoother
Pat Smith - VP Turner Studios
What an amazing day working with Michael Reff
David Spector - Producer TBS
Very impressed with your shooting, lighting and ideas you bring to every shoot
Myrna Moore - Sr. Producer / Turner
A Great, Great job!
Bud Wendling - Director / Film & Video Unit
You're beyond resourceful & extremely talented which makes my job so much easier.
Marcus Welch - Producer/PM Warner Media
Hey! The interview looked awesome
Peter Klien - FrontLine Producer
I was honored & lucky to work with you on this project.
Marcus Welch - Producer

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